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Experience the new, fun way to exercise!


Gain Strength:

Obstacle courses are designed to provide a full-body workout improving upper body strength and leg strength. By learning how to efficiently use their muscles, our ninjas gain strength and coordination in their arm and chest muscles. Obstacles in our ninja classes like also strengthen children’s legs — challenging them to further their fitness in a fun way as they compete against friends.

Improve Agility:

Speed and agility are two fitness aspects that can benefit your health and wellness for years to come when they are instilled at a young age. They are the two main components behind most sports, and a ninja warrior gym is a perfect place for your child to improve their own. Ninja warriors have to be quick and agile in order to overcome the challenges of obstacles. This improves mental and physical skills that can be applied in any active sport.

Increase Confidence:

In martial arts, the saying goes, "a shaolin priest can walk through walls" or, in layman terms, he can overcome any difficulties they thought they couldn't. Our ninjas gain a sense of confidence and realize that with hard work, they can overcome any difficulty.  It may be balancing across a scary beam, making a seemingly impossible jump or completing a difficult school project.  The confidence they earn they take with them wherever they go. 

Enhance Spatial Awareness:

Ninja-worthy fitness requires more than just strength.  Spatial Awareness, or the ability to interact with and understand the environment around you, is essential to succesful obstacle training.  Ninjas must understand the obstacle, where it lies in comparison to their body, and how to move their body in order to conquer it.  Learning through trial and error allows young ninjas to discover exactly where their body is and needs to be at any given point in time.  NInja training will help your child get a feel of where their body is and how to control it.  

Prevent Injuries:

While we already noted that the improved flexibility you can expect your child to acquire from attending ninja classes will help prevent them from getting injured, there are also other ways we help prevent injuries. Before approaching obstacle courses, we teach our ninjas methods for how to fall safely, which keeps them from getting hurt in our ninja warrior gym. Once these falling methods are learned, they can apply to them to the playground, the big game, or whatever other adventures they may find themselves on as kids — making them less injury-prone out in the real world.

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