Last Update: 1/22/22


       At East Jersey Elite we understand that there is a lot of information for All Star cheerleading. We want to make your experience as easy as possible. We will now be periodically posting “Parent PPF Updates” where you will be able to see things that should be completed, things to currently work on, and things to plan for. We hope that this will allow you to have the best cheerleading experience possible.

PAST– Things that should be completed 

PRESENT– Things to currently work on 

FUTURE– Things to plan for


1. Hotels Booked through StaySmart for AC, RI, & MD  (All Elite Teams)

2. NCA Flights Booked (Blackout & Lady Black)

3. NCA Housing Booked (Blackout & Lady Black)

4. Housing Booked for Regional Summit (Black Storm & Black Magic)